I am an earthling, human-beingmusician, sound engineer and creative technologist from the piece of earth called Colombia. BM from the  music and sound engineering programs at the Javeriana University in Bogotá, with experience in live sound and sound design for visuals. I graduated with an MFA from the Music Technology, Intelligence, Interaction, and Design program at the California Institute of the Arts.

I am interested in finding new useful ways to connect music, technology and art while having a lot of fun doing so. I enjoy making lots of different noises (even music), building interfaces for expressive user interaction and musical performance, multimodal sensor systems and sound installations. I am a proficient programmer in ChucK, Pure-Data, Reaktor, Processing and web languages such as HTML/JavaScript. I just finish my thesis research on Bio-Feedback Musical Interfaces; last year I built the HeartDetektor, which using an Arduino, it detects the performer’s heart rate with EKG electrodes attached to the body, and this year I built a brain wave detection instrument  using discrete components. In conjunction, both instruments are used for my live audio/visual performative piece CYBORG.

I am also an experienced live and studio audio engineer. I interned in Grammy-nominated Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. I worked in over 100 concerts as part of the staff for the concerts production at Calarts, tasks included recording, webcast, stage manager and front of house. I have worked in a wide range of musical genres, from traditional andean music to metal and jazz, doing the role of mixing/recording engineer, producer and performer as well.

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