CalArts Performances

Here you can see some of the presentations that I’ve done throughout the past years spent at CalArts.


First performance of CYBORG at the accepted students concert. Lots of connectivity issues at the beginning but it happened!

Smashed Mirror

Smashed Mirror is a piece I performed in collaboration with singer Elsa Lund. The singer is singing a collection of pitches that are live sampled as she sings them. A custom made granular synth is processing the samples and using the MUSE headband for brainwaves detection, I mapped the different brain waves to different parameters of the granular synth.  This gives a live acoustic listening of the collection of pitches followed by a destruction of those sounds controlled by the performer’s brain. This performance was part of the Experimental Sound Practices concert.

Purple Static

Purple Static is an organized improvisation piece composed and performed by Nick Galang, Daniel Gonzalez and myself.


Evolving Harp

Harp & Charango electronic duo in collaboration with Sarah Rice.



Live Coding, sample based, Solo piece. The sample used was so dumb and stupid that it almost broke my computer…

Broken Pipe

Raspberry Pi ensamble performing my piece “Broken Pipe”

HeartDetektor & The Grip

Performance for the final presentation of the interface design class in collaboration with JP Yepez. Here I use the custom made heart beat detector interface that I build with Arduino and Chuck.

CalArts ReTeknix

MFA 2015 spring Show. Made as a team project for all the MFA music tech candidates. Immersive experience where sound and visuals collaborate to deliver a surrounding interactive experience


Sudaca Sound System

Final performance for the Grid, Beats & Groups class

ChucK Concert