Zen-sitive Garden

This installation explores the intersection between nature, technology and meditation. It aims to create an interactive and relaxing experience between the audience and a sensorial Zen garden. The idea is to create an organic garden that the audience is invited to gently touch. This triggers a sound from the sound system.

dsc_0093 dsc_0087

Each plant has assigned a different sound within the palette of sounds that includes birds, wind, water and other sound objects that reconstructs the soundscape of a futuristic forest when all played together. The sounds keep growing as more people touch and interact with the plants until the full soundscape is created with some ambient drone notes in the background.

dsc_0082 dsc_0080

The sensors consist in capacitive conductors attached to the plants, and a raspberry pi microcomputer that handles all the input processing and runs the main program as well. The raspberry pi will be hidden from the viewers under the garden itself as well as the speakers to prevent its presence to conflict with the experience of relaxation.